She’s better, she’s done more
She’s smarter, and more sure
She’s worthy and more promising than I’ll ever be
And she hates that she’s me

She’s not a machine, she’s not a queen
She’s a self-confessed perfectionist stuck inside a has-been
She’s always dreaming about the next big thing
She’s always screaming that I’m not good enough to win
Even when I’m in, I’m actually out, she’s in

I’m something but she’s not sure what
I’m tiring her out, I’m everything she’s not
If she didn’t need me like she does, she’d cut me out
I’m just trying to reflect her as best I can

If I succeed, the credit’s hers
Only blame and lessons come my way
She’s perfect here where you see her
She’s just so quick to tear me
She’s vicious, and ambitious
And in all honesty
Without her hatred, I’m scared that I wouldn’t be me

Original work written by Brodie Paparella. Please do not reproduce without permission outside of this post (so sharing is cool). Image from Sitara, ‘In the Water’ music video.