Oh yeah, she’s swinging from chandeliers and keeping everyone guessing now. But any true Sia lover would remember what I’m about to give major snaps for: the spoken word/interview lines on her early-noughties, did-you-blink-and-miss-it-fool album ‘Healing is Difficult’.

I’ll keep this quick-yes I’m serious!-because essentially this article both warrants and encourages a full-album session with HiD. Seriously just chuck it on and let it play out. Although songs like Get Me, I’m Not Important to You and the titular tune absolutely rock your feelings place, I just need to put out there about the goings-on between songs.

Here’s the full script once you take out the tracks:

I reckon fear is like a, sort of, if you, if you’re afraid of something that isn’t there
Sometimes I do have fears
Shakin’ about, like I’ve seen a ghost or something
Sometimes I do have fears

That noise again?!

When I receive something, I just feel good about myself

It’s a saying that my uncle told me, he said
“Treat people how you want to be treated
See your character coming, near you”
And do you reckon it’s scary being judged?
Yeah, I do, but you’ll get the hang of it
I think I’m being judged by myself
So I just think I’ll be judged by myself always
Treat people how you want to be treated

Vampires are known to sneak around
Don’t laugh, please, I actually want to be a vampire when I’m older
She laughed!

If you could write a song what would you write about?
Um, I think I’d write about…me!
I did it!
You did it

Now let me make clear it resonates far deeper obviously when you hear it, and I cut it all together for myself but I can’t put that on the internet because obviously. Anyway..

Before ‘We Are Born’ gave us Big Girl Little Girl there was this tender from-the-mouths-of-babes genius. To deliver the simplicity of viewing adult problems as a child, Sia showed depth of talent and craft. Before taking on the music industry, all kinds of self-worth might exist and we’ve all seen how reality television and corporate executive trend-analysis can destroy all that esteem and optimism about the value of one’s own voice. Even if your ambition seems as impossible to mum and dad as becoming a vampire. How can we hope to achieve the first dream when of course we feel ridiculed or misunderstood by idol, family, friend and stranger alike?

Further, children understand far too early in life that before they can decide anything, before they are considered capable physically and emotionally they are going to be scrutinised. Even more so in the digital age. Before even developing awareness about their own gender or identity, they have been splayed across social media and offered advanced (maximum-access, credit-card,chargeable) technology to play with. Of course it’s going to be hard to take on any idioms about self respect and character when early childhood is facing children with failure, pressure to compete, and a performance culture in the West at least. Is all this pressure even there? Marketing and comedy have bred a subliminal nature in almost all of us: the passive-aggressive mechanism, sarcasm and satirical approaches to conflict, slang so far removed from correct communication we barely know what we’re saying (let alone text language), sexisms and stereotypes so subtly ingrained we can’t defend our own children from them. It’s incredible.

So when children face trauma, or children become adults who can’t process trauma, of course a journey as complicated, personal, nuanced as ‘healing’ is going to be difficult. Resilience is immeasurable, in the same way dosages of medicines are right until they’ve caused irreparable damage.

I think there’s a stack-tonne to gain from these moments, especially when interlaced with the way similar concerns appear again in adult life, sung by Sia.

So get a little jazz-grimy. Give this a listen. Share some Comments and Musings. Would love to chat with you.

Keep reppin’ Sia.