You know what?! I know quite a posse of people who bust their gut on a daily basis to create a personal connection by actually calling and chatting with their potential voters about what personally impacts them! Some are verbally abused, others drawn into intense political debate, most simply dismissed, but we persevere because we believed when our candidate said he needs and appreciates our help. So to call me from an unknown number and leave a pre-recorded diatribe about primary schools-regardless of how such a message might affect someone’s family situation, sexuality, potency, financial circumstance, and educational experience- was so unbelievably disingenuous that I feel newly activated to say that I genuinely have no desire to afford you any influence in how the country I’m very much personally attached to is so impersonally, ham-handedly, certainly inarticulately, operated by your party.

I’m aware this unbridled expression will give you cause to cast my opinion as not of your concern and onto the next, and I will thank you to prove my point by doing so.

Claims I’m overreacting-being that I’m usually diplomatically silent on subjects like these-will absolutely be considered, but absorbed with the knowledge that the devil is in the details just like these. I’m quite disappointed, and more so completely out of words.

I will finally request no-one read this and seek to make conjecture as to who I’m talking about, but see that if we get reductive about politics, it’s easy to see how true damage can be done from a global level right to the individual.

Forgive, love, apologise, thank.